Thursday, November 8, 2012

What do these rooms all have in common ?

Take a close look at the rooms below.

What common thread links them together? Simplicity, colour, shape? Yes, all of those elements but what else?

Can you guess?

Everyone of the photos is from the Ikea live website. It showcases real homes all over the world and how they use Ikea to express their individual taste. Pretty good what you can do with a lot of thought and a little cash. "Budget" can still look great if done well and with a lot of love. Check out the site and look for the Australia beach house, (the square donut).

I'm very busy at the moment with the build up to Christmas for the store and with design work for clients. Will do a lot more on instagram if I don't get to blog (and a bit facebook as well).

Have a great week.

Warm wishes,
Daryl x

Photos: Ikea live and a bit of inspiration from anindiansummer-design blogspot.
I love the rug and collage wall.

Peaceful place.

Eclectic, masculine, ethnic?

You have to love a bit of colour.

I will always love a neutral room, amazing what you can do with a $699.00 bed. 

Wonderful wall collage, really looks wonderful with the strong contrasting navy sofa and eclectic cushions. 


  1. I. Love the one with the two armchairs, it just looks so cosy!

    1. Yes Kellie, That room could easily fit into our Qld lifestyle.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi there... thank you so much for visiting the Northern Light Blog, and for leaving me a comment, so that I could follow you all the way back here!!
    So far I am liking what I see, looking forward to exploring your blog, keep up the good work...

    Yes, IKEA is great, their styling is always great :) I grew up with their stuff in Denmark.